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Download Fallout 2 Online and join the unique project, created by fans


Maybe you've been seeking where to download Fallout 2 Online, or just wanted to download Fallout 2 to spent few evenings in a favorite post-nuclear universe - regardless of the matter, you've ended up on this website, dedicated to the fanmade project under the name FOnline, created about ten years ago thanks to the huge efforts of various enthusiast's groups.


FOnline: Requiem has advanced far in past years and became quite easy to get into for newcomers unlike it was at its launch. With combined efforts by developers and players, the game was packed with the following content:

  • Numerous unique locations, quests, dungeons (both single and group ones) and events, which will satisfy needs of both experienced players and newcomers;
  • Combat mechanics, which underwent heavy changes, so it equally resembles tactics and action in Real Time mode - something similar you could've seen in Fallout Tactics. Numerous improvements were made for this combat system to shine, including but not limited to adding of new weapons with unique behavior, armors, mechanics, complete rebalance of other equipment familiar to the fans of the original game;
  • Lots of new graphical elements that were carefully added, without breaking the original designing style. While also using original content from Fallout, developers wrote and optimized a whole new engine, which supports the non-standard resolutions and 3D models usage;
  • A vast and smart crafting system, which allows players to create nearly all possible equipment - from standard combat gear to rare and powerful weaponry, which gives great firepower and tactical advantage in combat;
  • The finely tuned system of character development. The game will provide you with the choices of development, leaving no skill, trait or perk useless. Every player is free to choose a path which interests him, and it will satisfy him, without breaking the game balance.


Main difference between FOnline and modern MMORPG's

  1. Players are able to attack whoever and wherever they want, for loot and fun. You are allowed to fight any player and take all his gear with yourself, with one minor drawback - each player your encounter can do the same;
  2. You are not forced to spend all your days in the same place, grinding resources and experience for new characters: leveling a crafter, combat character or trader will take won't take you long, with the game allowing you to combine all three activities in one character and get enough gear to support them playing only a few hours per day;
  3. Active and responsive forum and discord, where you can always contact the administration - to share found bugs or to propose your ideas for server development.


Fallout - play online just in few clicks

To start playing Fallout Online, it's enough to download already configured the client, launch it and join the server. Character creation will begin inside the game client - you don't need any step-by-step registration. You will get the basic experience of how-to-play the game and character development tips at the starting location. On the game forum, you will find guides and advice for newcomers, if you feel like needing them.

Test server

Test server's IP: Build: 13.11.2017 Status: Requiem test-server status